Six-Pack of Peaks

Hiking is just fantastic and it is all around us from every corner of the earth.  Not only are you getting fit and exercising, you’re also outdoors, in nature, and getting to experience the best thing ever – the environment.

If you’re a hiker in Southern California, you’re most probably familiar with the Six Pack of Peaks Challenge.



Mt. Wilson
Elevation: 5,710 ft
Vertical Gain: 4,200
Distance: 14 miles




Cucamonga Peak
Elevation: 8,859 ft
Vertical Gain: 4,300
Distance: 12 miles




Mt. San Antonio (aka Mt. Baldy)
Elevation: 10,068 ft
Vertical Gain: 3,900
Distance: 10 miles






San Bernardino Peak Trail


San Bernardino Peak
Elevation: 10,649 ft
Vertical Gain: 4,702 ft
Distance: 17 miles





Mt. San Jacinto
Elevation: 10, 834 ft
Vertical Gain: 4,689 ft
Distance: 12 miles





San Gorgonio Peak
Elevation: 11, 503 ft
Vertical Gain: 5,840
Distance: 18 miles



Six-Pack-of-Peaks-SoCal-2018Join the 2018 SoCal Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge™

The 4th Annual SoCal Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge™ brings people together around an epic goal: hike six big SoCal mountains, have fun, and do some good along the way!

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