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27540006_10212028353287316_1854239652300899439_nOxybenzone Free Hawaii Island  – We support legislation to protect our reefs, by restricting the sale of sunscreens with toxic chemicals such as oxybenzone.   Oxybenzone is used in plastics as an ultraviolet light absorber and stabilizer. It is used, along with other benzophenones, in sunscreens, hair sprays, and cosmetics because they help prevent potential damage from sunlight exposure. 


As a sunscreen, it provides broad-spectrum ultraviolet coverage, including UVB and short-wave UVA rays.  It is one of the most widely used organic UVA filters in sunscreens today.  It is also found in nail polish, fragrances, hairspray, and cosmetics as a photostabilizer.  Despite its photoprotective qualities, much controversy surrounds oxybenzone because of its possible hormonal and photoallergenic effects, leading many countries to regulate its use.

Support us for a Oxybenzone-Free Hawaii Today.   thumbs up